The Most Expensive Dogs in the World


#17 Saluki


The Saluki is also known as the Slougui. It is often titled as the Royal Dog of Egypt or Persian Greyhound. Saluki is one of the oldest known breeds of domesticated dog. It has a great history and it’s a very famous dog. It travelled the Middle East with the caravans. People used the Saluki for huntig, because it is skinny and fast.  The Saluki is very gentle with his owner. This dog is very smart, and can be teached easily. They are sight hounds, so they hunt by sight. They catch and retrieve the quarry. The normal size of a Saluki is around 58-71 cm. Their normal weight is between 18-27 kg. The females are a bit smaller than the males. A price of a Saluki is around 2.500 dollars.