Top 12 Movies With the Largest Budgets


Billions of dollars are spent on movies every year, all in the name of entertainment and the box office profits that follow. But in less than a century, costs have soared, not only because of inflation, but also because of the expense of footing the bills for hugely improved effects. In 1959, the epic historical drama, Ben-Hur, that starred Charlton Heston, was reputed to have the largest budget of all time. The movie took about eight months to make, on a budget of $15.175 million. In addition to around 10,000 extras, 200 camels and 2,500 horses featured in the film. Extraordinarily for that time, the famous sea battle was filmed with miniatures in an enormous tank in California. Today movies with budgets over $200 million have become the norm, one of the first being the epic Titanic that cost $200 million in 1997. Here are 12 more movies with the largest budgets, all made during the past 15 years.

#12 The Lone Ranger

Movies With the Largest Budgets
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Made in 2013, the American Western The Lone Ranger cost an estimated $225 million. A Walt Disney Pictures movie (as several in this list are), it was, ironically, plagued with budgetary concerns which at one stage in the production of the movie led to its temporary cancellation. The movie got itself two not very fulfilling Academy Award nominations, one for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, and the other for Best Visual Effects. It also managed to make back what it cost to make, though with not that much profit, grossing around $260 million.