The 9 Most Luxurious Gardens Around the World


For centuries man has been creating gardens. Some of the earliest were dedicated to the gods of Babylonia, Egypt, Greece and Persia, and many were developed for growing fruit and vegetables, for survival. Wealthy kings and queens created gardens filled with colorful, aromatic flowers and moving water, producing places of great beauty. Many rich and famous people today continue to develop beautiful gardens for their own pleasure. Happily, some of the most luxurious gardens around the world are open to the public.

#9 Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland

luxurious gardens
Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland. Photo:

Lyrically luxurious, this unusual garden has been designed around science and mathematics. Developed by two landscape architects, Maggie and Charles Jencks, on their own property in Dumfries in 1989, it is quite unlike any other garden in the world. All the features, including flower gardens, trees, and ornamental lakes have been balanced using not just the symmetry often employed by garden designers, but geometry and numbers as well. In fact plants are secondary here, with geometric figures, chess board alleys and weird and wonderful steel structures taking center stage. The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is only open to the public one day a year.