Top 9 Most Expensive Clothing Brands


Even though the world’s richest people make up a really tiny percentage of people in the world, they spend hundreds of billions of dollars on the most expensive clothing brands every year. In fact the so-called “luxury market” has been valued at more than $275 billion. But which clothing brands get their support? What do they buy? Generally the most expensive clothing brands are seen being worn by celebs, from fashion models to movie stars and even royalty. Here are nine of the most expensive brands of clothing currently in favor, some of which have been at the forefront of clothing fashion for decades and even longer.

#9 Burberry

Most Expensive Clothing Brands
14 Most Expensive Luxury Fashion Brands. Photo:

While not all the most expensive clothing brands have been around for centuries, the company founded by Thomas Burberry has. He founded his clothing company in 1891, though the first shop was only opened in 1891. Today there are a number of labels within the brand, including Burberry Brit, Burberry London, and Burberry Prorsum. Some of the signature items include plaids and khaki trench coats (see above) – and then there was a famous peacock feather coat that sold for about $35,000! Net income for the company in 2014 was more than $323 million, showing that popularity hasn’t waned.