Top 11 Best Earning Racing Drivers


Best earning racing drivers – particularly Formula 1 racing drivers – have one of the most glamorous jobs in the world. Sure it’s dangerous, but they command respect, get beautiful girls flocking to watch them, and they make top dollars. That said, some racing drivers earn a lot more than others. Every year the annual list of Formula 1 salaries is published by Business Book and circulated for all to see. The information for 2014 shows that Fernando Alonso, while still at the top, now shares the privilege of top earner with his team-mate, Kimi Raikkonen, and with Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing. Lewis Hamilton, though earning the same as the previous year, has dropped to fourth place.

#11 Romain Grosjean

Best Earning Racing Drivers
Romain Grosjean – A riddle, wrapped in a mystery and inside an enigma. Photo:

A member of the Lotus Formula 1 team, Romain Grosjean earned €3 million in 2014, as did Pastor Maldonado (#10) and Sergio Perez (#9). That’s the equivalent of $3.36 million. Lotus has clearly identified that Grosjean is worth more than they were previously paying him; in 2013 he took home only €1 million. Born in France in 1986, Grosjean has been making a name for himself since he joined the Renault Young Rider Program in 2005. His first professional race was the 2009 European Grand Prix.