Top 10 Extremely Expensive Funerals


#9 Michael Jackson’s funeral


Michael Jackson was a famous american singer, songwriter, music producer. Everybody agreed, that he was the king of pop. His style, dancing, and songs renewed pop music. He created a new style, and he was different from other singers in a good way. His songs are still very popular. A lot of famous performes made covers about Jacko songs. He was well-known for his unique dance moves, and high vocals also. He died lying in his bed at his rented mansion. He was reportedly not breathing. It is said, that he died due to intoxication of propofol and benzodiazepine. His funeral is the 9th most expensive on our list. A lot of fans were wanted to say a last goodbye. His family members and his friends were also there. Jacko’s funeral costed 1 million dollars.