The Hottest Star Couples


Shakira & Gerard Pique

A famous singer, and a football prodigy. Well, they’re definetely a nice couple. Shakira and Pique are in a relationship since 2010. Pique appeared in a Shakira music video. The making of Waka Waka was the first time when Pique met Shakira.


They’ve got married in 2013. Pique and Shakira has 2 children. Milan Pique i Mebarak was born in 2013, Sasha Pique i Mebarak in 2015. They are very happy as a family, and they do a lot of things together. They love to go out to the beach.  It is a bit hard to be together, because of the training of Pique. Pique also said, that he can imagine, that he will be the president of Barcelona, and Shakira will be the first lady.