8 New Features In Iphone 6s



Photo: http://static.origos.hu/

With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple stepped into the phablet territory and succeded, so don’t be surprised if the new 2015 iPhones will look exactly the same as the 2014 variants. As you can see in the leaked photos, the only change they made is the location of two tiny little screws. However, the material of the shell will be changed to a more enduring aluminium composite due to the „bending iPhone” incident, which was experienced amongst the 6 Plus users, who put their phones in their pockets. Another change they made, which we mortals cannot see (unless we have built in microscopes in our eyes), is the thickness of the new phones. The 6s will be 0.1 and the 6s Plus will be 0.33 millimeter thicker thanks to the new Force Touch technology Apple is going to intruduce with this series of phones.