4 Famous Self-Made Billionaires


Steve Jobs

He was an american entrepreneur, inventor, and CEO of Apple Inc. Steve was a charismatic pioneer in the revolution of PC. Some say that Steve Jobs was the father of smartphones. His ideas, that are in the Iphone series, are widely used in other smartphones. It is well known, that he loved cartoons, so he started a studio named Pixar Animation Studios. He was also a board director. Jobs was famous for that he loved to work for very long hours, or whole days. His most notable inventions are the mouse, the graphical user interface, Apple Lisa and many more.

Photo: www.michaeldpollock.com

The wealth of Jobs is estimated around 10 billion dollars. His style was very different from other businessman’s. He never weared a uniform, or a tie. He was always in a jeans and in a turtleneck sweater. His employees loved him as a boss, and as a man also. His spouse was Lauren Powell, and they’ve had 4 children. Steve Jobs was a Zen Buddhist. His death was a big tragedy. Not just for his family, but to us also, because Steve Jobs was a modern computer prodigy. He died in Palo Alto, in 2011. He suffered from pancreatic cancer. He was fighting for a long time, but he couldn’t won this fight. We miss you Steve. Rest in Peace.