25 Most Embarrassing Prom Photos Ever Captured


Ah, prom time. That legendary socially-uncomfortable gathering for those high school students who are not on the cheerleading or football teams! This is a hallmark event in every teen’s life and therefore they want to look red-carpet ready in a bid to get nominated Prom Queen and King. Whereas up until a few years ago, parents’ proud photographs of their offspring and mandatory date would suffice, the increasing pressure to keep up with the Kardashians means that kids today are going through all kinds of lengths to impress. And here are some seriously funny fails!


We’re not sure whether she’s going for the Angelina Jolie assassin look in Mr & Mrs Smith or the actress’ look on the Oscars red carpet in 2012. Perhaps she’s heading for a wild night in Vegas. But this is certainly not appropriate for the Prom. Also, note to all: the mandatory bathroom selfie looks really, but really tacky!