15 Tips and Tricks of Making Perfect Selfies


Thanks to the latest technology, we’re able to capture some of our favorite moments in time. Whether it’s with a landscape shot or a cute selfie, that moment will last forever. A lot of people then choose to share their images using online platforms like Instagram for all of their friends and family to see! Some even use an instagram growth service to boost their account so that others can see their favorite images too! This is a well-favoured approach that many Instagram users around the world are taking as people strive to become influencers or “Insta famous”. However, you must take caution with growth services. Some of them, such as Socialcaptain, will take your money and provide no service. They could also get you banned from Instagram! So it is no surprise to hear that Socialcaptain shut down a few months ago. There are alternatives out there which are very good though, so just do your research before choosing one.

All over the world millions of people take, or just try to take selfies, but most of them are the same, or either too sexy or too boring. If you really want unique selfies, learn from the queen of the selfies, from Kim Kardashian. From increasing your social following using the assistance of companies such as Socialfollow┬«, taking inspiration from Kim K’s wardrobe or understanding her work ethic, you can learn a lot from Kim in the world of social media.

Who from time to time posts funny faces selfie, and she is getting more and more famous. So the best thing what you could do, if you want to stand out, is to be a bit idiot. Don’t forget, that sometimes the funny face is the the best.

1.Position the camera above your head.


In order to make an artistic picture, you have to find the right angle, and you can also show your brand new outfit too. Of course, everyone needs a new outfit then and again to make themselves feel more confident. It’s important to show that outfit off on Instagram. For those wanting to treat themselves to a new outfit, it might be worth heading to Macy’s as there are currently some discounts that could save you some money. Visit Raise to find out more about those discounts. It’s not easy to find the perfect angle to show off a new outfit, but some smart people have found the solution: the selfie stick.