12 Most Luxurious Swimming Pools Around the World


Swimming pools are used to sell properties, from private homes to huge estates and expensive holiday resorts. Somehow, a gorgeous crystal clear pool with sparkling water has an appeal that is difficult to beat. But some swimming pools are more luxurious than others; not necessarily bigger or better, but splendidly opulent and lavish. Whether located next to the ocean, adjacent to a rainforest, or in an underground cave, the world’s most luxurious swimming pools are all absolutely awesome. The 12 luxurious swimming pools featured here are all utterly sublime, and best of all, they are open to the public, usually as paying guests.

#12 Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge, Tanzania

Luxurious Swimming Pools
Lodge in Lake Manyara National Park. www.serenahotels.com

Hardly your normal idea of “out of Africa,” this huge swimming pool is an unusual centerpiece for a safari lodge in Tanzania. Surrounded by villas (in the form of African rondavels – roughly translated as round houses) and suites, a poolside bar and other facilities, it employs the usual tricks of infinity pools, drawing your eye to a vanishing horizon beyond. The views are magical, as is the experience of swimming in this weirdly wonderful African pool that, unlike natural pools, does not feature wild animals, hippo or crocodiles.