10 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken


Ah selfies – the social media phenomenon which has swept the internet by storm. All you need is the average smartphone, which comes complete with a basic digital camera and possibly a selfie stick, and you’re good to go! We all have that one friend who goes to great lengths to get the perfect selfie in a bid to gain more likes and boost her ego. And according to the American Psychiatric Association there is such a mental disorder as an addiction to selfies. This can be particularly highlighted by the kind of selfies which bring together a need for social approval, vanity and recklessness. Here are the top 10 most dangerous selfies, surfing the net.


Elevating your ego to new heights

This is the point at exactly which an inflated sense of self meets senselessness! Vanity triumphs at the expense of basic self-preservation. Perched up high at the top of Brazil’s statue of Jesus, this guy must be very confident that someone, up there high above the clouds (right where he is taking this selfie from), loves him. Protected by the angels, this fellow just grins into the sunlight, carefully angling his digital camera to get the maximum effect of the staggering height of the statue.