Top 10 Hottest Girls



#10 Jennifer Lopez

Our number 10 pick is Jennifer Lynn Lopez. If someone doesn’t know her, she’s an american actress, singer, fashion designer. JLo was born in 1969. Right now she’s 46 years old, but still beautiful. She became interested in entertainment after her firs role in My Little  Girl. It’s an interesting fact, that she was the first Latina actress, who earned over 1 million dollars for a role in the movie Out of Sight.


Her debut studio album was released in 1999. With her first album, she conquered the mainstream music industry. From that time, she’s an active singer and dancer also. She recorded a song with the title “We are one”, that served as the official song of 2014 Fifa World Cup. JLo loves to promote perfumes, and clothes with her name. She is married, and her husband is Marc Anthony.