The Most Expensive Dogs in the World



#10 Saluki


The Saluki is also known as the Slougui. It is often titled as the Royal Dog of Egypt or Persian Greyhound. Saluki is one of the oldest known breeds of domesticated dog. It has a great history and it’s a very famous dog. It travelled the Middle East with the caravans. People used the Saluki for huntig, because it is skinny and fast.  The Saluki is very gentle with his owner. This dog is very smart, and can be teached easily. They are sight hounds, so they hunt by sight. They catch and retrieve the quarry. The normal size of a Saluki is around 58-71 cm. Their normal weight is between 18-27 kg. The females are a bit smaller than the males. A price of a Saluki is around 2.500 dollars.



  • Belle

    Meanwhile millions of dogs die in shelters. Adopt do not shop!

    • Mark

      Nothing wrong with getting dogs from responsible breeders. Backyard breeders and pet shops are the real problems

  • pizzagorgonzola

    “They are very friendly, so they aren’t very good guard dogs. They can be good watch dogs, because they’re barking when someone reaches their territory. ”

    IDIOT !!!

  • Rajesh Parameswaran

    Teached easily????

    • Marika Sheikki Kuitunen

      Yep. I got one and she easily understood what sit means but they are freaking stubborn to do anything you ask…. 🙂

      • Tyler James Colby

        What Rajesh was trying to say is LOL: “teached easily” is hilarious because that’s not proper English. It’s “taught”. Taught easily.

        • Ivana knezevic

          Apparently the lady in question is also not TAUGHT easily.

    • Ivana knezevic

      Hahaha! Ms Marika did not get the point.

  • Marika Sheikki Kuitunen

    Pharaohs are certainly not the easiest to teatch. Stubborn af.

  • Tyler James Colby

    OMG this list has my DYING, and I’m only on the first one! I’ve honestly never seen such poor writing on a site like this! “…can be teached easily” – TEACHED easily? Are you freaking serious? lmfao! Taught. Taught easily. Oh, and hilariously redundant gems like “They are sight dogs, so they hunt with sight.” What?! No s**t! Bahaha! I mean *really*?! I don’t know who’s the bigger idiot: the”writer” or the editor who read this and said “Ok. Sounds good to me!” There’s 9 more of these? What an awesome way to start my day. XD

    • SunnyBrook

      They also use hutig instead of hunting and 2.500 instead of 2,500. The writing is identical to the 6th grade essays I correct.
      Ok, seriously I can’t read the rest of this article. It gets worse and I can only concentrate on the mistakes!

    • Ray Ray

      Crikey. o.O I work as a professional translator and interpreter. Russian, Spanish and English. This article is both heartbreaking and hilarious in the “quality” of translation.

      Seriously, folks. We don’t charge THAT much. Do yourself a favor and hire us.

  • Sandra Duffy

    The author must be talking about show quality dogs and even then these prices seem unrealistic. Rottweilers and Samoyeds cost nothing like those prices here in Ireland.

    • Anoop Pattat

      just wondering where the author is from. I need to start an export business. I can procure show quality Rottweiler pups for as less as 100 USD.. 🙂

      • Eldorado

        Contact me Ekanga Attah on Facebook messenger
        I want to buy show quality rottweiler puppies

  • roadrunner

    I currently live in the UAE desert area and there are Saluki dogs running around in the desert. One of them had 8 puppies outside our building! I had no idea they were so expensive!

    • Ivana knezevic

      Keep your paws OFF those puppies! Somebody may spot some of your kids or younger siblings running around in the desert. and decide to pick them up and sell them … Maybe just for their organs if they are not handsome enough or can not be TAUGHT easily. They can also be pretty expensive. How does that strike you ?

  • texasaggie

    Our saluki came from the pound and carried a rabies vaccine tag on its collar from Saudi Arabia. People from there tell me that they are essentially street dogs there.

  • melissa p

    Im sorry did he say one of the dogs PROBABLY comes from Africa?!

    Again, who is responsible for this fuckery?

  • Ivana knezevic

    Yeah. Can not believe this is for real. How did I ever end up in this virtual slum?

  • Terminator

    Interesting my Dear Watson…It’s like a carry over from that recurrent Dog Show on ESPN or is it USA Network? – except that these dogs are more interesting…Hard not to be amused by the ‘irregular’ language of the article…I would not characterize the various quirks as mistakes or errors as much as a regular pattern of linguistic stumbles by somebody whose first language is not English…I would venture to say that it is probably an Oriental Journalists – possibly a Japanese or mainland Chinese!!!