Ten Stars Then and Now II



#10 Arnold Schwarzenegger

I think we all know him. He’s an austrian born actor, bodybuilder, businessman, politician. He is famous all around the world, thanks to his movies. Arnold starred in various types of films. He has comedies, action movies, or a mixture of action and comedy. Arnie is 68 years old. Lets take a look at his “then and now” picture!


www.mrolympia2013.blogspot.com www.dailymail.co.uk

His most notable movies are Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, Predator, Junior, Twins. He also owns a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is a legend between bodybuilders. He won a lot of competitions. He was elected as a republican in 2003.  He was the most famous governor of California.


  • Omotayo

    Still looks good for a 68 year old.

    • theservant

      you should consider that the photo is from 2006

  • Stilinski

    Did they seriously declare Emma Watson an American?

    • Maruchan ‘butch’ Sapitan

      It says English not American

      • Stilinski

        I think it’s been changed in the past half year since I posted that comment.

  • Nibo

    Michelle Pfeiffer has never won an Oscar. Not yet as far as I know, but she does definitely deserve one or two. She is amazing!

  • Blahblahblah

    Is this article written by a 10 year old!? …Or a mentally challenged person, perhaps?

    No, I get that they’re likely foreign and don’t use English as a first language (that much is painfully obvious … unless of course they are English; their grammar is that bad)! But seriously, De Caprio is one of the most talented actors in the world???

    You must have smoked some bad granola…

    • XYZ

      Don’t be moron and READ the article. Right in the first line the writer states, -in my opinion-. WTF has to do English as a first language. Educate yourself and welcome to modern world. Prejudices are for morons!

      • Blahblahblah

        No… writing poorly constructed articles on the internet is for morons; emploring your readers to educate themselves whilst demonstrating inadequate education on your own part is, by definition, moronic; bad grammer is the very preserve of morons – especially for someone who aspires to journalism (even internet pulp-journalism); accusing someone of prejudice for simply stating criticism of a poor performance is every description of stupid – it is, indeed, moronic; further it is cowardly to resort to the accusation of prejudice in the face of criticism (even criticism on an internet comment-board).

        If you’re referring to my derogatory comments regarding English people – well, ya got me there! Being British, I am deeply prejudiced against the horrific abuse of the English language by its own practitioners.

        • Ron Castillo

          the grammar is correct for the sentence, “one of the most…” ii is usually followed by plural nouns. but the opinion I think is utterly wrong!

  • K Cummins

    I still can’t get pass this ass writing that Emma Watson is an American.

  • Zombyz1

    Who the hell writes this stuff? Whoever it is, they are totally inept. Every one of these articles reads like it was written by a 2nd grader. What adult uses the word quitted? Quit is the past tense of quit. Quitted is not a word!

  • wtf? how the hell is Emma Watson even on this list?