Author - Chris Eigel

11 Celebrities Who Have Aged Well

10. Demi Moore


1. Demi Moore

Demi Moore –

The famous and successful actress looks still great, no matter how old is she. Demi started her carieer around 1988 in great movies, such as Rio or Blame. She had to pay a high amount of money in order to stay young and beautiful. To be more specific, Demi had a pleanty of plastic surgeries recently. Now let’s speak about her exciting relationships. Currently, the well-known celeb lives together with her younger partner, Ashton Kutcher. Honestly, who cares about the age difference, if your girlfriend looks like Demi Moore?

Top 10 Best Celebrities Christmas Gifts

10. Mariah Carey

10.Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey –

As we all know, the great singer lives in balanced and amazing relationship since a long time ago. No doubt, Nick Cannon does everything in order to maintain their happy life! As a good example ccould be serve: Nick bought a 300,000 Euro’s Roys Rolls to Mariah, as a Christmas gift. Not bad, right? Surely, Mariah could not believe to her eyes and she almost started to cry. No need to mention, that Mariah immediately wanted to try out her new cuteness.

Top 10 most fashionable Christmas presents

10. Bosch Tassimo cofee machine

10.Bosch Tassimo cofee machine

Bosch Tassimo cofee machine –

No doubt, one of the best idea is to purchase a coffe machine and serve it as a great Christmas present. Why? Almost everyone loves coffee, so they would be glad, if they would get one! Probably, Bosch Tassimo is the leader of the market, due to the fact that they sold approximately 700,000 products in 2015. If you would take my advice, you need to pay roughly 55 Euro in order to get one! To be honest, you really need to love someone, if you would pay that amount of money.

10 Celebrities Who Committed Serious Crimes

10. Snoop Dog

10.Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog –

No surprisingly, the famous „bad-boy” namely Snoop Dog killed a guy around 1995. Luckily, he could get one of the best lawyer (Johnnie L.Cochrain), who could clarify the rapper under every judgements. It was never a secret, that Snoop did serious criminal activities during the 90’s years, but since than he lives a totally normal life. Recently, he could reach the top of his carieer and works with a pleanty of successful singers, such as Rihanna or Beyonce.

11 Big Celebrities Who Are Ridiculously SHORT

#11 Hayden Panettiere



Hayden Panettiere and Vladimir Klitschko

Hayden Panettiere and Vladimir Klitschko –


Hayden Panettiere is a popular singer actor and model. Would you ever imagine? The giant champion (Volodimir Klicsko) who is probably one of the most scariest boxer in the whole world lives together with a little angel called Hayden Panettiere. She also gave a birth to one beautiful baby girl namely Kaya Evdokia Klitschko. Based on the official measurements the beautiful model is not more than 150 cm.