20 Awkward Wedding Photos



Weddings – they’re all about the dress, the reception, the bridal party, the guests and most definitely the photo album. The wedding photos are there to cement in time, the lovely ceremony and celebrations of the union of the happy couple. Most brides go on crazy diets and even wilder beauty regimens to look their best possible on their special day. Here are 20 photos which no photographer (even the newbie ones), should have taken!

1. They Say That Love is Blind…

courtesy of: www.lolwot.com

We can also add that it can be silly and forgo all good sense too! Here’s a young, attractive bride walking up the aisle. We can only hope that the man by her side is her dad (or possibly grandfather) walking her up the aisle. By the time our eyes focus on the second photo, we realize that the octogenarian by her side is her husband. And that’s when the horror sets in!