10 Weird Things Found Inside Of The Human Body



On of the most abused idea in the Hollywood horro making industry are things living inside the human body. We must admit that these films can be pretty terrifying, but the reality can be far more disturbing. On this planet we’ve got creatures that during the evolution, ended up LIVING inside of the human body, some of them are even meant to be there.

So here is 10 of the most disgusting and weird things found inside of our fellow humans:

The Eye Worm (Loa Loa)


This thing called the Loa Loa eye worm. The infection usually comes from the bite of an infected deerfly. When the egg hatches, the adult Loa Loa roundworm travels across the human body and often crosses the subconjuctival tissue of the eye, where it can be clearly seen by other people. It can grow up to 7 cm!