10 Celebrity Girls without Makeup



#10 Jennifer Aniston

Photo: www.celebritiessb.blogspot.com Photo: www.popsugar.co.uk

We wrote about Jennifer Aniston earlier. We posted her in the list of the hottest girls, but if someone doesn’t know her, she’s a very famous american actress. She has a lot of movies, mainly comedies.  Now lets take a close look. Does she really beautiful without makeup? I think she looks much better with makeup, but well. we all know, that even celebrities can’t wear makeup whole day. I think Mrs. Aniston looks great without makeup. 



  • Miriam

    Are you kidding me? That picture is from the movie Cake where she played the depressing role of a woman who’d been in a car accident and lost her son. The scares are makeup

  • Mihnea Genelis

    ouch!. miley cirus is missing a letter. it’s miley circus actually, and she tries hard to prove that . lol