20 Awkward Wedding Photos

Weddings – they’re all abo20 Awkward Wedding Photosut the dress, the reception, the bridal party, the guests and most definitely the photo album. The wedding photos are there to cement in time, the lovely ceremony and celebrations of the union of the happy couple. Most brides go on crazy diets and even wilder beauty regimens to look their best possible on their special day. Here are 20 photos which no photographer (even the newbie ones), should have taken!

1. The Bride, the Groom and the Mysterious Fuzzy Object


courtesy of: dailyviraltimes.com

Of course, no self-respecting wedding album would be complete without at least one mysterious photo. And here we have the bride, the groom and a strange fuzzy roundish object which the groom appears to be holding a bit too close to his groin for good taste. It oddly looks like the head of a man (!) or perhaps it’s a pom pom. Either way it is somewhat disturbing!

19 Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

Many people enjoy some form o19 Perfectly Timed Sports Photosf sports. The athletically-built usually are practising sports enthusiasts who like pushing themselves physically as well as mentally. Those who are more couch-potatoes rather than fitness buffs, might prefer indulging in supporting sports, rather than engaging in the activity directly. In either case, both know that a good pass, a winning Ace, a shot on target all require skill, a touch of luck and the all-important timing. Here are some sports photos which highlight the impact of good-timing in the game.

 1. On-The-Job-Sportscaster Selfie


courtesy of: alswedia.se

Note to sportscasters: when you’re that close to mobile sports equipment in action, keep your eye on the ball – lest it hit you in the head! This beautiful sportscaster might very well be taking a selfie to uploading on social media and celebrate her success at having made it out of the news reporting room and out onto the field. But she really should be paying attention at her surroundings!

10 Childhood Photos of Real-Life Villains

It’s actually surprising that even the ugliest people have at least one decent and semi-cute photo of themselves in their childhood album. What’s particularly scary is the fact that the angelic chubby faces completely belie the fact that these are photos of ten of the most gruesome and downright wicked men to go down in the annals of world history. The children looking into the camera lenses for these photos then grew up to be infamously evil men with unhinged minds.

1. Adolf Hitler


courtesy of: grizly.com

It is chilling to think that this period photo of a cherub-like child is actually that of the man who was the mastermind behind the commencement of World War II and thus responsible for the death of around 6 million people. Seriously, you’d think that the demonical character of this individual would transpire straight from early childhood. But it doesn’t work out that way. Born in April of 1889 in Austria, to a German-speaking family, Hitler would rise up the Nazi party ranks to finally become dictator of Germany and chief pot-stirrer in the deadliest war of the world.

15 Perfectly-Timed Photos That Will Leave You Speechless

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, the kind of pictures which leave you utterly lost for words, usually require some key ingredients. A camera or smart phone would be a basic starting point. A good photographer, with a sense of composition, aesthetics and some technical knowledge would also be extremely helpful. A photogenic subject and imposing setting can do no harm. But for the kind of photos which really leave the audience astounded, a sense of timing is a key requirement. Serendipity and being in the right place at the right time, then brings it all together. We’ve managed to track down 15 photos which bring together these ingredients and which are guaranteed to leave you gobsmacked!


1. Bummer Cat


courtesy of: memes.com

Known anyone who’s ever shared a place with a feline (because certainly no human can own a cat – it’s quite possibly the other way round, actually!)? Well they are sure to tell you that cats just love to get in everyone’s business. The old adage, curiosity got the cat, has withstood the test of time for a reason! Want to be acknowledged and revered (possibly). They want to make friends and own their humans and pretty much anyone they get into contact with. And in the cat world, social interaction starts off with a good butt sniff. And the wholly unconnected guy on TV has the exact reaction we get when an oblivious cat sidles up to an unsuspecting human to start off the interactions!

10 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken

Ah selfies – the social media phenomenon which has swept the internet by storm. All you need is the average smartphone, which comes complete with a basic digital camera and possibly a selfie stick, and you’re good to go! We all have that one friend who goes to great lengths to get the perfect selfie in a bid to gain more likes and boost her ego. And according to the American Psychiatric Association there is such a mental disorder as an addiction to selfies. This can be particularly highlighted by the kind of selfies which bring together a need for social approval, vanity and recklessness. Here are the top 10 most dangerous selfies, surfing the net.



Elevating your ego to new heights

This is the point at exactly which an inflated sense of self meets senselessness! Vanity triumphs at the expense of basic self-preservation. Perched up high at the top of Brazil’s statue of Jesus, this guy must be very confident that someone, up there high above the clouds (right where he is taking this selfie from), loves him. Protected by the angels, this fellow just grins into the sunlight, carefully angling his digital camera to get the maximum effect of the staggering height of the statue.

11 Celebrities Who Have Aged Well

10. Demi Moore


1. Demi Moore

Demi Moore – hawtcelebs.com

The famous and successful actress looks still great, no matter how old is she. Demi started her carieer around 1988 in great movies, such as Rio or Blame. She had to pay a high amount of money in order to stay young and beautiful. To be more specific, Demi had a pleanty of plastic surgeries recently. Now let’s speak about her exciting relationships. Currently, the well-known celeb lives together with her younger partner, Ashton Kutcher. Honestly, who cares about the age difference, if your girlfriend looks like Demi Moore?

25 Most Embarrassing Prom Photos Ever Captured

Ah, prom time. That legendary socially-uncomfortable gathering for those high school students who are not on the cheerleading or football teams! This is a hallmark event in every teen’s life and therefore they want to look red-carpet ready in a bid to get nominated Prom Queen and King. Whereas up until a few years ago, parents’ proud photographs of their offspring and mandatory date would suffice, the increasing pressure to keep up with the Kardashians means that kids today are going through all kinds of lengths to impress. And here are some seriously funny fails!



We’re not sure whether she’s going for the Angelina Jolie assassin look in Mr & Mrs Smith or the actress’ look on the Oscars red carpet in 2012. Perhaps she’s heading for a wild night in Vegas. But this is certainly not appropriate for the Prom. Also, note to all: the mandatory bathroom selfie looks really, but really tacky!

Top 10 Best Celebrities Christmas Gifts

10. Mariah Carey

10.Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey – wallconvert.com

As we all know, the great singer lives in balanced and amazing relationship since a long time ago. No doubt, Nick Cannon does everything in order to maintain their happy life! As a good example ccould be serve: Nick bought a 300,000 Euro’s Roys Rolls to Mariah, as a Christmas gift. Not bad, right? Surely, Mariah could not believe to her eyes and she almost started to cry. No need to mention, that Mariah immediately wanted to try out her new cuteness.

Top 10 most fashionable Christmas presents

10. Bosch Tassimo cofee machine

10.Bosch Tassimo cofee machine

Bosch Tassimo cofee machine – amazon.com

No doubt, one of the best idea is to purchase a coffe machine and serve it as a great Christmas present. Why? Almost everyone loves coffee, so they would be glad, if they would get one! Probably, Bosch Tassimo is the leader of the market, due to the fact that they sold approximately 700,000 products in 2015. If you would take my advice, you need to pay roughly 55 Euro in order to get one! To be honest, you really need to love someone, if you would pay that amount of money.

10 Celebrities Who Committed Serious Crimes

10. Snoop Dog

10.Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog – mitrofm.com

No surprisingly, the famous „bad-boy” namely Snoop Dog killed a guy around 1995. Luckily, he could get one of the best lawyer (Johnnie L.Cochrain), who could clarify the rapper under every judgements. It was never a secret, that Snoop did serious criminal activities during the 90’s years, but since than he lives a totally normal life. Recently, he could reach the top of his carieer and works with a pleanty of successful singers, such as Rihanna or Beyonce.

10 Celebrity Fetishes You Would Never Expect

10. Scarlett Johansson – Car sex

10.. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson – rcnews.hu

Everyone was shocked by the fact that the young beautiful actress is a car fetish addicted. She officially confessed in 2008 that she had a numerous  adventures in different cars. She especially loves to do it on the back seat! How unbelievable! No sursprisingly, she could found a pleanty of partners who did face with the great challange!

11 Big Celebrities Who Are Ridiculously SHORT

#11 Hayden Panettiere


Hayden Patteniere-napijocsaj.blog.hu

Hayden Panettiere and Vladimir Klitschko

Hayden Panettiere and Vladimir Klitschko – starpulse.com


Hayden Panettiere is a popular singer actor and model. Would you ever imagine? The giant champion (Volodimir Klicsko) who is probably one of the most scariest boxer in the whole world lives together with a little angel called Hayden Panettiere. She also gave a birth to one beautiful baby girl namely Kaya Evdokia Klitschko. Based on the official measurements the beautiful model is not more than 150 cm.



10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gay

10. Wentworth Miller



The great epizode called Prison Break did achieve a great success among the fans in all over the world. Miller did get the main character’s role in the movie and he played really well. This was the big breakthrough during his carieer. Although, after Prison Break he did diseppeare we could not see him in big movies. In 2010 Wentworth was judged by the fact that he is homosexual and so far he did not clarify his point of view.

10 Cutest Celebrity Babies

  1. Savannah and Eden
10. savannah eden

Photo: http://www.justjared.com

The famous actress Marcia Cross could be proud to her beautiful twin daughters. They were born in February, so now they are roughly eight months old. The father Tom Mahoney did a great job, they are completely healthy and loveable! Just take a look to the picture above you will understand why did I write that. No doubt, twin babies are not often occur among the great celebrities and stars.

Top 10 Cutest Animals Ever

  1. Koala

Photo: http://www.acuteaday.com

If you want to meet with a real Koala, you need to travel into Australia. They usually live in eucalypt woods, because it is a great place to them to eat and hide. The Koala’s body length is roughly 70-75 cm and their  average weight is around 4 pounds. We can distinguish three types of it: The new South Wales, the Queensland and the Victorians. Unfortunately, a large percentages of Koalas were exterminated during the 20th century so nowdays they belong to the protected animals category.

Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds around the World

  1. Brussels Griffon
10. griffon

Photo: http://fineartamerica.com

So cute, isn’t it? This small beauty originally comes from Brussels, and you will need a high amount of money, if you want to purchase one! He is extremely smart and fast, which means that you can teach him different figures and practicies. Furthermore, Griffon has an excellent memory as well as, he is loyal and loveable. Surely, you can not take him seriously…..

Top 10 Football Transfers In 2015

  1. Javier Hernandez
10. hernandez

Photo: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

The little Mexician attacker did an amazing performance last year. It was almost 100% sure, that the great Rel Madrid will sign a long-term contract with him. Surprinsingly, the German Bayer Leverkursen could get him, at an accaptable price. Hernandez is unbelievably fast, motivated and studious. It is simply not understandable, why Louis Van Gaal put him always on the substitution brench.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

10 Lamborghini Murciélago

Lamborghini Murcielago

Photo: http://top-img.com/l/lamborghini-murcielago

The next beauty is no other than the Murciélago with its tasteful design for which we can thank the Belgian designer Luc Donckerwolke, who achieved great success with it.  Each of this warrior costs around USD 400,000. The body of this model is a two door and two seats coupé. The car accelerates to 60 mph in about 3.8 seconds and the maximum speed you can reach is officially 206 mph.

Top 10 ways to make money Online

10. Use eBay


Photo: http://www.retail-loyalty.org/

it’s almost impossible to not sell something on eBay. Let me  give you an example: If you’ve grown up on video games and magazines, but nowadays you feel too old to use them, why would you keep them? Likewise, you might have other unnecessary things at home, such as toys, old furniture or clothes. Probably the main benefit of eBay is that there is a wide range of customers from all over the world, so it is not too difficult to find someone who will purchase your products. Furthermore, you do not need to advertise your product, because eBay does it for you. As a first step, you have to register, offer your stuff for sale, and then the only thing you have to do is wait.

8 New Features In Iphone 6s


iphone 6s

Photo: www.martinhajek.com

Good news for the Apple fanatics, our sources close to the fire reported that the announcement day of the new phones (the new iPhone 6s, the 6s Plus and the 6c) will be in the week of September 7, most likely September 9, the exact same day when the iPhone 5s and 5c were announced. The new iPhones of 2015 will be available in the stores from September 18 – cause we all know last years’ iPhone was available from the 19th, and a year before that from the 18th of September.

Top 10 football players in 2015

10. Ángel Di María

Angel di Maria

Photo: www.theguardian.com


The Argentinian talent started his career in the Rosario Central football team, but from the new season he plays in the French club Paris Saint-Germain. He is unbelievably fast, strong and motivated. His primary task is to build-up the attacks as well as to take the ball forward as soon as possible. Probably he became well-known and acclaimed, when the legendary team Real Madrid bought him at a really high price. In his private life Di Maria is a really unpretentious and moderate person and the most important things for him are religion and his family.

Top 10 Dream Jobs In The World


10. Airline pilot

10. airline pilots

Probably one of the most beautiful and enjoyable job with a really high salary. In order to receive your license, you need to study for at least six years: four years education (because you need a college degree) and two years training, and then you still need a lot of experience, meaning actual flight time. Then you can apply for different jobs that will gradually take you to your dream and you can become an airline pilot. The estimated yearly wage is approximately $130,000. Without a doubt, it is one of the most exciting job, however, it also requires responsibility and loyalty.


10 Crazy Things About Dan Bilzerian

You can love him or hate him, but you must accept: the Bilzerian Phenomenon exists. Dan Bilzerian is known to have started his career as a poker player. His charisma helped him get some attention which he used well, and now he basically makes money from his exhibitionism. But it’s not easy to keep up public interest, so he made a very simple job description for himself: ‘Do crazy things!’ Well, here are ten crazy things about Dan Bilzerian; decide for yourself if you like him or not.

1 Threw a girl into a pool from the rooftop


Photo: www.bluffeurope.com

You can guess if she made it without injuries. Well, no… and Janice Griffith, said adult movie actress, sued Bilzerian and demanded $85,000 for the broken foot. But the whole woman-throwing stunt was happening under contract as part of a photoshoot for Hustler magazine. The toss was considered an ‘act of God’ by court, and no one was held responsible for the unfortunate fall.

Top 10 skyscraper in the world

  1. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Headquarters


10. abu dhabi

Photo: http://picload.org



The tenth biggest skyscraper could be found in Abu Dhabi and it is approximately 350 meter tall. It is actually the headquarter of the National Oil company so it has a high importance as well. The building is really uniqe regarding the fact, that it has a huge rectangular opening on the skyscraper. The Ahmed Abdul Rahim building is almost has the same tallnes it would be next highest on our toplist.

The Most Expensive Dogs in the World

#10 Saluki


Photo: www.vetstreet.com

The Saluki is also known as the Slougui. It is often titled as the Royal Dog of Egypt or Persian Greyhound. Saluki is one of the oldest known breeds of domesticated dog. It has a great history and it’s a very famous dog. It travelled the Middle East with the caravans. People used the Saluki for huntig, because it is skinny and fast.  The Saluki is very gentle with his owner. This dog is very smart, and can be teached easily. They are sight hounds, so they hunt by sight. They catch and retrieve the quarry. The normal size of a Saluki is around 58-71 cm. Their normal weight is between 18-27 kg. The females are a bit smaller than the males. A price of a Saluki is around 2.500 dollars.

Top 12 Movies With the Largest Budgets

Billions of dollars are spent on movies every year, all in the name of entertainment and the box office profits that follow. But in less than a century, costs have soared, not only because of inflation, but also because of the expense of footing the bills for hugely improved effects. In 1959, the epic historical drama, Ben-Hur, that starred Charlton Heston, was reputed to have the largest budget of all time. The movie took about eight months to make, on a budget of $15.175 million. In addition to around 10,000 extras, 200 camels and 2,500 horses featured in the film. Extraordinarily for that time, the famous sea battle was filmed with miniatures in an enormous tank in California. Today movies with budgets over $200 million have become the norm, one of the first being the epic Titanic that cost $200 million in 1997. Here are 12 more movies with the largest budgets, all made during the past 15 years.

#12 The Lone Ranger

Movies With the Largest Budgets

‪The Lone Ranger – Disney Wiki‪‬. Photo: disney.wikia.com‬

Made in 2013, the American Western The Lone Ranger cost an estimated $225 million. A Walt Disney Pictures movie (as several in this list are), it was, ironically, plagued with budgetary concerns which at one stage in the production of the movie led to its temporary cancellation. The movie got itself two not very fulfilling Academy Award nominations, one for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, and the other for Best Visual Effects. It also managed to make back what it cost to make, though with not that much profit, grossing around $260 million.

8 Wonderful Places Where You Can Restart Your Life

So you want to start your life afresh? If so, the place you choose is going to have to meet your ideals and needs, not just your dreams – unless of course money doesn’t matter. For instance, if you need to keep working, you’ll need to choose somewhere that offers jobs to people with your qualifications, skills and experience. If you have your own business and can operate anywhere, then your options will be wider. Your choice will also depend on whether you want to buy property or not, and what kind of climate best suits you as an individual. Here are some ideas of wonderful place where you could possibly restart your life.

#8 Mpumalanga, South Africa

Restart Your Life

Help establish a wildlife haven. Photo: southafrica.net

If you want to be close to wildlife, including Africa’s Big Five, then head to Mpumalanga in South Africa. Located in the northeast of the country it’s the closest province to the world-famous Kruger National Park, and it boasts agriculture, tourism and mining as primary activities for those looking for jobs. This is not the place to go if you want to restart your life in a major city, though Johannesburg is only a few hours drive away – so you could escape to buy top fashion clothing and eat out in top restaurants.

The Top 10 Most Popular Brands Ever

We may not all be conscious of brands, but there is absolutely no doubt that the world’s most popular brands are moneymakers, and often the backbone of the company that makes the brand. While much is due to the investment a company is willing to make, that won’t always keep the brand up-front in the public eye. Furthermore some brands enjoy popularity for longer than others, never seeming to fall out of favor with the buying public. This top ten list is ranked by the current brand value of each.

#10 Facebook

Most Popular Brands

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook profile page hacked. Photo: Associated Press

There is no doubt that Facebook leads the social media brands, not just in terms of popularity, but also in terms of its monetary brand value that is currently $36.5 billion. Headquartered in California, it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and friends in 2004 touting a mission statement that said it aimed to help people “stay connected with their friends and family.” Initially entirely free, (which undoubtedly pushed the company into the 10 most popular brands list), Facebook now offers paid advertising.

10 Stars Then and Now III

#10 Jessica Lange


Photo: www.surgeryvip.com Photo: www.huffingtonpost.com

Our number ten pick is Jessica Lange, an American actress, who has a Tv and movie career also. Right now, she is 66 years old, but she’s still an active actress. Jessica Lange won several awards during the years. She received two Oscars, three Emmys, five Golden Globes and many more. She is a talented and versatile actress. She was discovered, while she was working for a modelling agency. Her debut movie was a remake of King Kong. Jessica was the leading actress. She won her first Golden Globe for that role. Nowadays you can see her in American Horror Story, which is a Tv series. Here’s a picture about her from her younger ages, and a picture from a recent gala.

10 Actors with the most Oscars

#10 Robin Williams


Photo: www.librarius.hu

Robin Williams was a genius american actor. He was famous for his improvisation skills. Robin played very different roles. He was good in comedies, and dramas also. He started his career as a stand up comedian, then he started acting in Tv shows. His film debut was a musical comedy, titled Popeye. This was in 1980. After that, he played very often in movies. He has Golden Globe, Emmy Award and many nominations. He got his Oscar for the movie Good Will Huntig in 1997. He was the best supporting actor.